Oncologic Surgery

Oncologic Surgery is a field that focuses on using surgery for cancer diagnosis, staging, and treatment.

Oncological surgeons may be looking at cancerous tissue and the potential for other possible surgeries.

To be a candidate for a surgery shall be of such design as to be all type, size, location, design and stage of what may appear to be age, estimated age and other appropriateness.

The health used in oncological surgery is examined in terms of health and can be applied with open, Laparoscopic or robotic surgery by evaluating the tumor size, location and metastasis evaluation.

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In Which Situations Oncological Surgery Cannot Be Performed

Not all cancer patients are suitable for surgery. In the case of blood cancers (leukemia), there is no “tumor” to be removed with surgery. In such cases, the doctor may choose a different treatment method. The condition of some patients (taking into account the location, size and other diseases of the tumor) may not be healthy enough to have surgery.

 In such cases, physicians may turn to other treatment methods according to the characteristics of the disease and the patient, or they may plan a future surgery and recommend the use of other treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy beforehand.

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