Patient Journey Guide

Step #1
Treatment Plan and Deposit Payment

You will be contacted by Treatments Zone Medical consultants in order to give you detailed information about your treatment after you contact us.

Prior to consultation and/or after your decision on having the treatment, you might be requested to share some medical records regarding your current/historical medical conditions.

Our Medical Doctors will evaluate your medical status and after treatment plan is approval by you and Medical Doctors, deposit payment(20%) will be made to fix the price and to schedule your treatment. Deposit payment covers your treatment plan and does not cover cost regarding flight, hotel etc.

Incase you prefer, Treatments Zone operations team may provide any type of support for booking your flight, hotel and other services with their special fees.

Treatments Zone may offer you full of convenient services with trusted partners via flight booking, hotel, shopping, sight seeing and holiday as well with competitive pricing based on your preference.

Step #2

After your deposit payment (20%), and sending your flight details, your patient service coordinator will contact you to assist flight bookings according to the availability of your medical doctor.

As soon as you send us flight tickets, Patient Service consultant will arrange your airport transfers and hotel booking and send you the medical travel itinerary 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

Step #3

On your arrival to Turkey, your airport-to-hotel transfer will be performed by TreatmentsZone ground team.

Your hotel-hospital-hotel transfer will be done by same transfer team with your personal host in your own language.

After your consultation with your medical doctor and making the necessary arrangements, your procedure will be performed.

Your last check up will be arranged one day before your departure.

TreatmentsZone ground service team will pick you up from your hotel to the airport for your flight.

Thank you for choosing Treatments Zone

Patient Guide During COVID 19 PANDEMIC PERIOD
Dear International Patients!

All International patients who prefer to come to Turkey for treatments, the hospitals and clinics where your treatment will be performed are all opened and completely safe with World Health Organization safety standards and KPIs.

Only one companion is allowed with the patients, and we measure body temperature of the patient and the companion in every visit to hospital/clinic. All equipments and the operating theater is being  disinfected before and after each procedure.

We are pleased to inform you that we do and will continue to follow the recommended protocols of the World Health Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health, and will continue to take all necessary precautions.

International Patient Arrival Procedure During COVID 19 PANDEMIC PERIOD
Dear Guest,

We would like to thank you for choosing TreatmentsZone for your treatment. As a group, we know that it might be very complicated to travel with many restrictions so we try to make your journey as smooth as possible. Please read the following instructions before your travel and get back to us if you have any questions.

  • You and your companions should obtain negative COVID-19 PCR test result performed in the last 48 hours, if it is accessible at your country.
  • You should be submitting us the necessary forms and documents.
    • Signed consent forms for yourself and for your companions.
    • COVID-19 PCR test result
    • Medical reports for your current diagnosis
    • Copies of your and your companion’s Passport
  • You should purchase the flight or bus ticket and inform us about the details.
  • If you prefer to pass the border with your own car you may be asked to submit a special permission letter from the consulate of the relevant country upon request.
  • A negative Covid – 19 test result of yours and your companions may be requested at the border.
  • Before your departure,  make sure your Covid 19 symptoms via cough, fever etc. Should you have those Covid 19 symptoms, you may not be allowed for boarding.
  • You should be wearing masks starting at boarding. It should be replaced every three hours and hand sanitizers should be used while replacing the masks.
  • At your arrival to airport, you and your companions may be examined for COVID-19 symptoms and you might be asked for CCOVID-19 PCR test accordingly. At this case, you will need to make a payment for the test at the zone.
  • If you do not perform a Covid – 19 test at the Airport, you and your companions will be requested to perform a test upon your arrival to the hospital. Your doctors may also request a lung CT or any additional tests related to Covid -19 if necessary. The payment for the Covid – 19 test and other analysis will be made at the hospital.
  • At the airport, our transfer team will pick you up to the hospital and/or clinic you have already chosen prior your arrival.
  • All transport vehicles are being continuously disinfected.
  • You and the driver should put on mask before getting on the vehicle.
  • After every transport, vehicles are disinfected and the personal protective equipment of drivers will be disposed as a medical waste.
  • When you arrive to the Hospital / Clinic, you will be welcomed by Patient Relations Consultant. They will support you in your own language through your journey during your treatment.
  • Upon completion your treatment,  you will be requested a PCR negative Covid-19 test result given in the last 48 hours while leaving the country. You may also need a test result and special documents while entering your home country.

Please feel free to get assistance from Treatments Zone Team members for the required paperwork before leaving the hospital.

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