Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

    Average length of stay
7 Days
    Length of stay in hospital
1 Day
    Operation Duration
1 – 2 Hours

General Anesthesia

    Recovery duration
1 – 2 Weeks
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What is BBL ”Brazilian Butt Lifting”?

Butt aesthetics are performed for enlargement or lifting purposes. In women whose hips are small or sagging, augmentation or augmentation of the hip with the help of their own fat tissue or butt prostheses is known as hip aesthetic procedures.

Excess fat taken from the abdomen and hip areas and then it is given to the butt to provide a fresh and voluminous appearance.

Why the BBL is needed?

The need for butt plastic surgery may arise for various reasons.

  • Those who are not satisfied with the appearance due to the genetic structure or
  • who are not satisfied with the body structure that deteriorates with the advancement of age
  • In addition to genetic factors, the buttocks and hips are the body parts that are constantly and mostly exposed to gravity with the effect of structural factors.
    • Postpartum periods,
    • Rapid weight gain and loss,
    • Diet programs affect tissue resistance to gravity.

People who are having one of those concerns, can apply for this plastic surgery.

How is the Before and After of Hip Aesthetics?

Before the hip bone aesthetic operation is applied, the patient is checked by the doctors whether there is an important disease he has had before. If any of these situations are in question, the doctor should definitely inform the doctor before the operation. 

By the doctor after the operation; Medications that prevent the formation of edema and bruises are given to the person. After the operation, the hip should be protected from external factors and hard sitting should be avoided.

How Is Butt Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Butt aesthetic surgery is performed in a hospital environment. General anesthesia is needed in the operation. Generally, the operation time can take 1 or 2 hours. After the operation, the person lies in the prone position for the first few days. The patient can also lie in the side position. On the 3rd day, the person can completely lie on his back and sit. After 10 days, he can return to his old social life completely. It is very important to use a corset for 2 or 3 weeks after the operation.

In butt enlargement, augmentation is performed with silicone prosthesis. The incision is made from the folded area on the butt. Gluteal implants (silicons) can be of various sizes, anatomically shaped or round.

Laser liposuction is used for butt lift. With laser liposuction, excess fat in the area is removed and the buttocks are straightened with the effect of the laser. In this application, it is possible to eliminate cellulites and the irregularities seen with the effect of laser.

What Is Done In Butt Aesthetics?
  • Butt enlargement is performed. This process is done with fat transfer and silicone butt prostheses.
  • Butt lift procedure is the procedure where butt designed to give a new form to the butt. Suspension methods and butt lift are the main ones.

Apart from these, butt aesthetics are provided with many different applications.

  • Butt silicone: It is like silicone prostheses used in breast augmentation. The difference is that these prostheses are prepared according to the characteristics of the area to be used, so they are more intense and specially designed.
  • Butt silicone application is the most commonly performed plastic surgery in the world as well as fat transfer. It is not felt because the place where it is applied is under the muscle. It does not affect the person’s normal life. It is not affected by body movements such as sitting and lying.
What Should Patients Who Have Hip Aesthetics pay attention?

There are a number of things you should pay attention to after having hip aesthetics. For example, after butt enlargement, it is recommended by experts not to inject from the hip. It is recommended that you pay attention to the bidet tap and act accordingly while sitting on the toilet for 1-2 weeks after the operation. In addition, it is also among the recommendations of experts that you should be careful until the suture line heals.

What are the risks of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

In addition to the risks such as infection or bleeding, which are present in all surgical procedures, there are risks specific to this surgery.

The most important risk for BBL is the very serious health problems called embolism, which occurs when the fat goes into the vein during fat injection. The risk has been minimized with appropriate precautions and techniques. It is not a point that can be determined in advance how much of the fat given will remain in that area without melting. A second surgery might be required.

How is the recovery period for BBL?

Early period: It is not recommended to sit on the fat area in the first week after the operation. There are specially designed pillows for you to sit if you want.

Back to work: 1-2 weeks

Heavy exercise:  4-5 weeks

Settlement of result:  1-2 months

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