Breast Aesthetics

    Average length of stay
7 – 10 Days
    Length of stay in hospital
2 – 5 Days
    Operation Duration
2,5 – 3 Hours

General Anesthesia

    Recovery duration
2 – 6 Weeks
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What is Breast Aesthetics?

At the point where aesthetic surgeries developed with new technologies have come, breast aesthetics is among the most widely preferred surgical interventions today.

Breast tissue may be deformed due to birth, breastfeeding, aging and developmental disorders. However, depending on age, it may be deformed or it may have a congenitally small or large form. This may cause people to be unhappy with their physical appearance and even have self-esteem and psychological problems.

In addition, the satisfaction of a person’s physical characteristics is an important factor reflected in his psychological state in relation to creating a healthy body image. For this reason, personal preferences are considered as a criterion in breast aesthetic surgery.

However, the realistic results that may occur after surgery should be shared with the patient by the plastic surgeon and the patient should be given a consciousness in this direction.

Breast aesthetic operations are performed by plastic surgeons who are experts in their field. Although the shape and proportion of the breast is not a standard measure, it is preferred that each body has its own breast type.

  • Breast reduction,
  • Breast reconstruction,
  • Breast lift and
  • Breast augmentation operations

are among the most preferred surgical interventions today.

With implants placed with incisions made under the natural folds under the breast; It is possible to perform breast shaping, remodeling, breast augmentation and lifting.

Thanks to the different shape and volume options of the implant models designed in round and drop shape, it is extremely easy to achieve the desired breast structure today.

What is Targeted with Breast Aesthetics?

The shape and weight of the breast according to the weight, height, age and body ratio of the person is controlled by two-dimensional and three-dimensional measurements.

From this point of view, it is aimed;

  • To correct the breast asymmetry,
  • Increase the volume with the implant technique,
  • Correct the external appearance of the breast,
  • Eliminate factors such as back and neck pain caused by breast size, posture disorder, and
  • Provide the appearance that is suitable and desired by the person.

Fat injection indication and breast implants are among the choices to achieve these results. However, as the indication for fat injection has limited options, implants are among the more preferred surgical interventions.

Breast implants alone are widely preferred method for breast augmentation and breast shaping. There are different varieties such as drop or round shape, rough or smooth surface. With these options, it is aimed for the person to achieve his dream look and to feel better.

In addition, augmentation surgery is often preferred concurrently with mastopexy, i.e breast lift surgery. When breast aesthetics are evaluated within the scope of oncoplastic surgery, it is aimed to improve the appearance of the breast in cases such as significant weight loss, developmental problems and breast cancer. In this direction, planned surgical interventions are applied in the most appropriate way to the patient’s physiology.

Factors such as pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and smoking in the person’s life affect the operation process and method. In this direction, the procedure is carried out with the aim of reshaping the breast and gaining size according to the needs of the patient.

Who are the right candidates for Breast Aesthetics Surgery?

Breast aesthetics are applied to;

  • People who are not satisfied with their breast size,
  • People with breast filling and loss of form,
  • People with breast symmetry problems,
  • People with self-confidence problems due to the size of their breasts,
  • Those who lose one or both of their breasts due to various diseases such as cancer.

In addition, it is inconvenient to have breast aesthetics during pregnancy and the necessary information should be given to the specialist doctor about this issue.

In addition, breast aesthetics are not recommended for people who are breastfeeding after birth. Breast implants, even if they are not harmful for baby health, are recommended to be performed after the process so that they do not affect the breastfeeding period and the surgery can be performed healthier.

People who want to have breast aesthetics are recommended to wait until the body development period is completed and make their decisions without haste. In addition, people who are considering losing weight are recommended to postpone breast aesthetics. Weight gain can affect the appearance of the breast, even if it does not directly affect the implants.

When Is Breast Aesthetics Applied?

Breast aesthetics are applied to;

  • People with breast hypertrophy,
  • In order to correct breast asymmetry in cases such as insufficient breast development, breast sagging due to weight and age,
  • Breast sagging after pregnancy, excessive growth and shrinkage of the breast, waist and breast disproportion.

Although the age range of 18-50 is recommended, breast aesthetics are also applied to people under 18 years of age, if the family has consent and it causes psychological problems in the person. Likewise, considering the health condition of the person and whether it is suitable for surgery, it may be possible to perform breast aesthetics for people over the age of 50 with the approval of the surgeon.

In men, breast aesthetics is applied in cases where there is fat around the breast due to the irregular increase in estrogen and testosterone hormones, various diseases or malnutrition. the insecurity program is eliminated.

What are the Types of Breast Aesthetics?

With breast aesthetics, it is aimed to give a more pleasant and beautiful image and to make the person feel better. Although it is not preferred for this, the fat injection indication method or the more frequently preferred silicone implants are preferred.

Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast Augmentation):

It is performed in order to gain volume for breasts that are disproportionate to the body and shrinking due to age in sudden weight gain and loss, postpartum, developmental reasons. When determining the implant to be used to enlarge the breast, the breast structure of the patient, the shape of the rib cage, weight and body proportions are taken into consideration. In order to determine the physiological limit, the patient and the doctor decide on the shape and size of the implant. During the operation, the implant is tested for evaluation purposes and the best application is performed.

Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction):

Weight gain, developmental reasons, some drugs and various tumors may cause breast size. Extremely large breasts can cause posture, neck and back pain. With the Reduction Mammoplasty operation, it is possible to create a lighter, healthier and aesthetic appearance by reducing the structure in the breast tissue and removing excess fat tissue.

Mastopexy (Breast Lifting):

With the advancement of age, the body loses its elastic structure, hormonal reasons, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and sudden weight loss causes breast sagging. A vertical incision is made around the nipple of the patient, who is examined on an outpatient side, to the breast fold, and the breast lift is performed with the prosthesis placed under the breast.


It is known as breast reduction operation for men. Fat accumulated around the breast due to hormonal reasons and various diseases cause gynecomastia. Patients treated with liposuction method are sucked into the fatty tissue through a 2-3 mm tube under anesthesia.

What Are The Breast Aesthetic Techniques?

Although aesthetic operations are often performed for creating a beautiful image, they are also performed to eliminate various health problems.

They are the preferred surgical interventions to repair deformed parts of the body. The breast, which is seen as a symbol of fertility and sexuality among the people, has a great role in spiritual, physical and aesthetic aspects.

It is important to conclude the surgical intervention, which will be preferred in breast aesthetics, with the least damage. Various shapes, sizes and filling materials are chosen according to the needs and desires of the person. The implant is placed under or above the muscle by cutting from the natural fold under the breast. This method ensures that the breast looks best in the body.

The application prevents the scars caused by the surgery to be seen at first glance. This method can also be done with an incision made from the nipple or armpit. However, the incision made under the breast is more preferred because it is a method that makes the breast less deformed.

What is the Surgery and Recovery Process?

As with all surgical interventions, the selection of a specialist doctor is of great importance for breast aesthetic operations. Surgery performed in hospital conditions is performed under general anesthesia. The operation time varies between 2.5-3 hours. Although the method used in the surgery is designed to create the least deformation, there may be scars on the nipples, but these scars heal over time and become less visible. Although it varies from person to person, it is seen that the scars, swelling, tingling and burning sensations gradually disappear within 2-6 weeks. A bandage is wrapped in the area where the surgery is applied and the patient is put on a corset. Although each operation has its own risks, pain and edema in the breast area are common. In age-related risk situations, radiological examinations such as mammography and ultrasonography should be performed before surgery. The prosthesis placed behind the breast muscle can restrict the person’s movements compared to before the surgery. Although it varies depending on whether postoperative complications occur or not, as a standard, the possible pain of patients discharged from the hospital within 2-5 days can be relieved with medication. Drains that can be placed to prevent fluid accumulation in the body during the surgery are removed in the first week after the operation. Stitches are removed within 7-10 days. Although the recovery period in breast lift surgeries such as mastopexy may take up to 6 weeks, this period may be shorter in prosthetic surgeries. You can get information about when to return to exercise and daily routines by talking to your surgeon. However, according to the general procedure, it is recommended to avoid heavy exercise for 3-6 weeks. Postoperative measures such as proper nutrition, quitting smoking and alcohol use are effective in shortening the healing process. Maintaining the ideal weight and continuing to exercise will ensure the long-term preservation of the result obtained with the surgery.

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