Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

    Average length of stay
7 Days
    Length of stay in hospital
1 Day
    Operation Duration
2 – 4 Hours

General Anesthesia

    Recovery duration
1 – 2 Weeks
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What is Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)?

Breast augmentation is the name given to the process of bringing the breasts of small breasted women to the desired size with the help of prostheses or fat injection, also called silicone implants, and the surgery performed for this.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and a woman who does not want to have beautiful breasts is unthinkable. Sometimes, as a result of double or unilateral development defect of the breasts or due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy, the breast tissue may lose its volume and become smaller than normal. In these and similar cases, breast augmentation surgery should be performed to obtain larger, fuller, larger, aesthetically more beautiful breasts. It should not be forgotten that every woman deserves a beautiful pair of breasts. It is possible to have beautiful breasts with breast aesthetics.

When is breast augmentation surgery performed?
  • In women who think that their breasts are small, breast augmentation surgery is performed to correct the disproportion of body lines, especially the hip-breast ratio.
  • In order to correct the loss of breast volume after pregnancy (In some cases, breast sagging may also occur. In this case, breast lift-up surgery may also be required.)
  • Breast augmentation surgery to provide symmetry in breast size. In most women, breasts are not symmetrical. If this is very evident, the breast should be enlarged.
  • To reconstruct the breast in various situations (For example, after breast cancer surgery, congenital absence of breast …) 
  • Because breast implants (prostheses) placed for medical or cosmetic reasons should be replaced due to aging, losing their properties or causing a problem in that area.
What are the types of silicone breast prostheses?

Breast prostheses used to augment breasts and also known as breast silicone are subject to some distinctions in terms of shape, content and surface structure. They can be listed as follows.

A) In terms of shape:

Drop (anatomical) prosthesis

Round denture

The horizontal and vertical base diameters of round prostheses are equal. In drop prostheses, the vertical diameter is slightly longer than the horizontal diameter, and the height of the prosthesis is higher in the lower pole than the upper pole. The reason it is called anatomical is that it resembles the shape of the breast more.

B) In terms of content:


With saline content (saline)

According to its content, there are prostheses filled with silicone gel and prostheses filled with physiological saline, that is, physiological saline, in the market. These contain silicone gel or physiological serum in a solid envelope made of silicone.

C) In terms of surface structure

Rough Surface

Flat Surface

When looking at the surface structure, prostheses are divided into two groups as surface smooth and rough prostheses. It has been determined that the formation of capsules around the prostheses with rough surfaces is less than those with flat surfaces.

Is there any allergy to breast silicone?

It is found in many items we use in daily life such as breast silicone, polishes, sun and hand creams, antiperspirant deodorants, soaps, processed foods, waterproof coatings and chewing gum. It is a substance widely used in cosmetics and food industry. Breast silicone is one of the most adaptable materials to the body. Therefore, an allergy to this substance is extremely rare.

Where is the breast prosthesis placed?

There are 4 different incision site options for placing prosthesis for breast augmentation (breast) surgery. These are armpits, around the nipple, under the breast and umbilical incisions. Each breast prosthesis silicone bone has its own advantages and weak points. Although the incision made around the nipple heals with a very small scar around the brown part called areola, technically it is the area close to the milk ducts, so there is a risk of damage to the milk ducts. In the sub-breast incision, as there is no damage to the mammary gland and milk ducts; recovery occurs with a vague scar that sits in the under-breast groove. If there is an anomaly at the adhesion of the breast to the chest wall, this can be easily corrected in this procedure.

In the armpit incision, there is no incision on the breast and an attempt is made under the armpit. Prosthesis is usually placed endoscopically through armpit and umbilical incisions. Although the scars are evident as mild redness in the early period after breast surgery, they gradually fade and become unclear over time. Through these incisions, a suitable sized pocket is prepared in planes under the mammary gland or chest muscle and the prosthesis is placed in this pocket.

Today, various studies and information sharing are carried out in order to increase the success and reduce the problems after breast augmentation surgeries.

According to the latest data, more and more fans are now finding that the healthiest insertion point is the under-breast line in terms of placing the breast prosthesis.

Placement of the prosthesis from these areas is less preferred as there is more bacterial settlement in the armpit and nipple area.

The scar that will occur at the entrance from the lower breast line will remain in the natural curvature of the breast, so it is less obvious and can be stored.

Correction of inequalities in the breasts and adjustment of the prosthesis level can be done more easily during sub-breast insertion.

In addition, the possibility of surgical damage to the breast tissue with sub-breast entry is very low.

How is the breast prosthesis size decided?

The size of the prosthesis to be placed is decided by considering the patient’s height, shoulder width, sagging rate, rib cage width and patient’s request.

During breast augmentation surgery, the size of the permanent prosthesis is decided by comparing it with impression prostheses of various sizes.

In fact, the most important criterion when deciding the size of the prosthesis is the patient’s request.

How is the recovery process after silicone surgery?

Silicone surgery takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. You are allowed to go home on the day of surgery or the next day after your discharge.

The first four days should usually be spent resting.

During this period, you may have different complaints depending on whether the prosthesis is placed behind the muscle or in front of the muscle.

The pain is not very much, but the feeling of fullness can be uncomfortable for a few days.

There is some swelling in the first three days and it starts to decrease from the fourth day.

It is called edema after breast aesthetics.

Discomfort caused by arm movements is less after prosthesis surgeries that are placed under the breast or under the breast muscle fascia.

The discomfort caused by arm movements is greater after the prosthesis placed under the muscle.

In order to reduce this discomfort, not keeping the arms still and continuing non-heavy daily activities (such as dressing, undressing, hair combing, personal care) causes the feeling of discomfort to decrease.

Generally, these complaints are reduced by the massage after the bath on the third day. The process of reducing complaints may vary depending on the skin and muscle quality of the person.

The next day of your surgery, a skin-colored band is left to stay where only the silicone was placed. No other dressing is applied.

On top of that, you wear the sports bra directly.

On the third day, you can take a shower without removing this tape.

On the 14th day, the tape is removed under your control.

Then scar treatment is started. The breast is shaped with the sports bra to be used for a month after the operation.

What should be considered after breast prosthesis (breast silicone) surgery?

After breast prosthesis (breast silicone) applications, activities that require intensive use of the chest muscle and arms should be strictly restricted for the first three weeks, and after this period should be increased gradually.

Before the first month, games with excessive arm movements such as tennis and heavy sports are not allowed.

Sauna, pool, solarium and steam bath should be avoided within 6-8 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

Frequently asked questions about Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

How long is the life of the prosthesis used in breast augmentation?

Prostheses used in breast augmentation are called lifetime according to the statements of the manufacturers. However, sometimes they may need to be changed after 15-20 years.

Theoretically, the life span of the prosthesis is longer than the human life. However, due to aging, weight gain, pregnancy, chronic diseases, loosening and sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, the appearance of the breasts may deteriorate.

Once a year, the condition of the breast tissue, prosthesis and pocket should be checked with a breast ultrasound performed by the same doctor, if possible. Or, as a result of capsule contracture, it may be necessary to replace the prostheses with a new surgery or to correct the prosthesis pockets.

Will sagging breasts be erect with prosthesis?

If there is little sagging in the breast, it can be corrected by using a prosthesis large enough to fill the breast volume.

If the sagging of the breast is excessive (there is tissue loss called atrophy in the breasts of breastfeeding women and the breasts sag as if they are empty), it may be necessary to perform a lift surgery with the placement of the prosthesis.

How are breasts with silicone prostheses affected by pregnancy?

Silicone does not affect pregnancy. Normally, as the breasts will grow during pregnancy, they look even bigger with silicone.

The amount of growth varies from woman to woman, and the size of silicone implants also plays a role in this growth. When the pregnancy ends, it decreases to normal height.

In small breasts that do not have silicone, there is a growth in the breast that satisfies the person during pregnancy. When the breast shrinks after pregnancy, it often looks much smaller and faded than its old size. Small breasts with silicone will grow in the same way during pregnancy. When the breast shrinks again after pregnancy, there is no visually extremely disturbing breast shrinkage. The reason for this is silicone.

Will the silicone prosthesis deform or burst with pressure?

It is not possible for silicone prostheses to explode or be damaged unless there is a severe blow such as a traffic accident or stabbing. It is guaranteed for life by the company against production defects.

Will there be a trace or scar after breast enlargement “augmentation”surgery?

First of all, we have to say this: There is no plastic surgery procedure performed without a scar. The trick is; plastic surgeons hide scars in body contours or natural lines of the body. There is always a scar after breast augmentation surgery.

Depending on the technique performed, a scar remains either on the nipple, under the armpit or under the breast. The silicone is put under the breast, which is the most preferred method in the whole world. The scar remains hidden in this area because the incision is made from the under-breast crease line. Just as the cesarean scar is not visible by remaining in panties, nobody sees this scar because it remains in the bikini. Only you or your spouse see it. The scar first turns pink, and over time, it turns white in 6 months and becomes faint. It becomes almost invisible.

Will there be a loss of sensation in my breast?

There is a slight risk of loss of sensation after breast reduction surgery. However, there is no loss of sensation in breast augmentation surgery. Because it is not made any incisions from the nipple.

Most of the breast sensations are in the nipple. Therefore, there is no loss of feeling. However, there may be a slight loss of sensation in silicone operations performed from the nipple. Our surgeons do not put silicone on the nipple.

Which aesthetic surgeon should I have?

Aesthetic surgeries are not an absolute necessity in terms of health. You do it to feel better. Therefore, there is no need to be worse than before, in order to be better than now.

Breast aesthetics is one of them. The plastic surgeon you choose should be paying attention to this. Breast augmentation surgery is usually smooth. There is little chance of experiencing trouble. You should be sure that your doctor will be behind you if any trouble occurs. See a few doctors. See photos of patients who have given permission from your doctor’s surgery. Start off with a doctor who gives you confidence.

Our surgeons have two basic rules;

  • First, their patient should be determined to have this surgery.
  • The second should trust them.

You should be careful in terms of choosing the right doctor with long time, deep experience and positive patient feedback.

Does silicone make breast cancer?

Most recently, the FDA determined that breast implants containing silicone do not cause breast cancer after intensive clinical studies.

As of 17 November 2006, it was announced to the whole world that it can be used in all kinds of aesthetic interventions and released its use, causing the prejudices of patients who want to have breast augmentation against silicone implants.

There was a lot of positive and negative news in the press. Until now, no scientific proof has been found that silicone causes breast cancer.

Can I remove the silicone if I get bored?

Of course, you can remove the silicone whenever you want. Very rarely does anyone want to take it out. There are a lot of people who have the old silicon removed and installed a bigger one.

Can I wake up from narcosis?

Anesthesia technology has developed so much that there is no longer a problem of waking up from narcosis. Now, as soon as the surgery is over, narcosis is eliminated. It can be drowsiness for 1-2 hours, but it is not expected to exit from narcosis for longer time. The patient can eat after a few hours. In fact, depending on the condition of the operation, the patient can be discharged in the evening of the same day.

I am using cortisone. Can I have an operation?

If you use cortisone regularly, it was not recommend surgery as it will delay wound healing. But if you can leave periodically, the surgery can be applied after 3 months break of cortisone.

What brand or type of silicone should I wear? Round silicone or drops?

There are many silicone implant manufacturers in the world. These are also available in our Turkey as well. As a brand, our surgeons prefer silicone brands that have FDA “Food and Drug Administration of USA” approval whic is the most authoritative institution known in the world.

The choice of round or drop silicone is again related to the patient’s expectations and body structure. Our surgeons recommend drops, or anatomical silicone, to their patients who want a tall and natural looking breast, and round silicone to their patients who want a medium and short, fuller breast and tired of padded bras.

Isn’t there any breast enlargement method other than silicone?

If you go online and look, you may get the impression that your breast can be augmented in all sorts of ways. There are those who claim that breast augmentation is achieved with massage, breast augmentation creams, sports, some food and drinks, filling materials, black seed oil, prayer, some suggestions, music, hops, sage tea.

However, if you read more detailed and serious sites, you will come across people who have tried them and failed, wasted money, or even damaged.

The best, most guaranteed and healthiest method for breast augmentation is made with a silicone implant.

I have breast cancer in my family. Does it make sense to empty my breasts and have silicone installed?

Discussions on this topic continue all over the world. If possible, the gene that causes breast cancer is detected and if the result is positive, it is reasonable to empty the inside of the breast and insert silicone.

If there is breast cancer in the family, our surgeons think the decision to empty the breast only for this reason should be made together by the patient and the doctor. If the person is very worried about this, it is useful to do it.

It may not be necessary for someone who has regular checks, especially if there is no shape problem in his breast.

As a physician, our surgeons explain all kinds of possibilities to their patients who makes the final decision.

After the birth, my breasts sagged and completely emptied. Will this improve with silicone?

Childbirth is the most beautiful act in the world for a woman. Nothing makes a woman more happy than being a mother. But every good thing comes at a price. One of the costs of birth is breast deformation.

The most common deformation among these is the discharge and sagging of the breasts.

If the problem is only the discharge of the breast, we can correct this situation by wearing silicone. In this way, breasts can regain their old uprightness and vitality.

However, if there is sagging in the breast, then it is necessary to perform breast collection together with silicone. This means up to 45 minutes more operation time and a little more scar. Apart from this, the upright form of the breast is the reward of this additional distress.

One of my breasts is normal but one is very small. Can one-sided silicone be attached?

In fact, no woman’s breast is exactly the same with the other. There are differences that can and cannot be distinguished by the eye. We correct this situation by placing silicone in different sizes on both breasts during breast augmentation surgery.

The reason our surgeons prefer to put silicone under the breast is that they can make this correction much more effective than that area. They do not prefer to put silicone on a single breast. Because of the difference in consistency, inequality may occur after a while. It is best to attach a small silicone to the normal breast and a larger one to the appropriate size.

My breasts are like goat breasts. How does it fix?

The herniation of the nipple towards the front of the nipple to look like a pacifier is called tubercular breast or, in folk language, tube breast, goat breast. The treatment is necessarily surgery.

There are 3 types of surgery. The surgery to be chosen depends on the type of breast. Sometimes breast reduction, sometimes breast augmentation, sometimes breast augmentation and mostly combined surgery are required.

Will I get rid of sponge or silicone padded bras after breast augmentation surgery?

The body structure of the woman is generally in the form of big hips and small breasts. Since it is a situation that bothers the person about proportion, it is tried to be compensated with sponge-backed bras. However, it is not possible to wear a bikini and decollete. There is only one remedy left: breast augmentation with silicone. Yes, you will get rid of sponge bras by wearing silicone.

Can we combine breast augmentation with other surgery?

Many aesthetic procedures can be done with breast augmentation. Especially nose aesthetics, abdominal and leg operations, liposuction, genital aesthetic operations are suitable for this. We combine it mostly with nasal aesthetics. Because they do not have a negative effect on each other since they are in different regions.

Moreover, as it provides relief from the problem of 2 regions at once, the satisfaction rate is high. Of course, in order to perform these combined procedures, the person’s health and blood values ​​must be enough good.

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