Brow Lift

    Average length of stay
3 Days
    Length of stay in hospital
    Operation Duration
1 Hours
Local and/or General Anesthesia
    Recovery duration
1-2 Days
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What is Eye Brow Lifting?

Sagging of the skin is seen in the eyelid and eyebrow area, especially after a certain age, due to the loss of elasticity of the tissues.

Eye brow lifting is a method that is surgical and/or non-surgical and is applied to people young to middle age.

What are the techniques for Eye Brow Shaping?

Eyebrow Shaping:
The most common way of shaping eyebrows is to take them.

Permanent make-up or “tattoo”:
These make-ups, once permanent on their name, will be with you until the end of your life. The given shape is also very difficult to be ideal and you don’t have a chance to change it.
These tattoos cannot be removed with laser, unlike colored tattoos made on arm.

Botox can give shape to eyebrows if used correctly. If you want to change the shape of your eyebrows and cannot afford to have a surgery, get Botox.

The most permanent and definitive way to shape eyebrows is having a surgery.

Who are the right candidates for Eye Brow Lift Surgery?

Eye brow lift surgery is generally applied to young to middle age patients. After mid-thirties, instead of lifting eyebrows, a more comprehensive attempt to rejuvenate the face, such as temple hanging, is more preferable method to apply. 

What are the Surgical Techniques For Brow Lifting?

There are two basic methods as endoscopic and suspension method.

Suspension (Hanging) method:
The process is extremely simple, a half-centimeter cut is made in the scalp and a long stitch is lowered to the eyebrow and the eyebrow is pulled up with this stitch.
The best thing about the method is that it is extremely simple. It is almost not an operation. It is a highly controlled, easy, risk-free and effective method.
The only problem is that the effect is too short. Usually, the raised eyebrows go back to their old places within a few months to a year.

Endoscopic method:
This is done with a few centimeters cut in the scalp similar to the temple lift surgery. The eyebrows can be raised from the inside and the desired shape can be given.

Other methods:
There are a few more rarely used techniques which are old style and are not recommended.

What are the possible complicationd with brow lift surgery?

Suspension technique: There are almost no serious complications that can occur with the suspension method. The only problem is that asymmetry and eyebrows go back to their old places in a short time ( 6 moths to 12 months)

Endoscopic technique: There is almost no chance of serious bleeding and infection. Small blood accumulations (hematoma) will not cause a serious problem either. In cases of inflammation, it may be necessary to drain the inflammation surgically, besides antibiotic treatment.

Asymmetry: In this surgery, the failure of one of the stitches carrying the tissues to fulfill its function may cause asymmetry. In this case, this stitch may need to be placed again.

Loss of sensation: Although rare, there may be a loss of sensation in the eyebrow edges. However, these will usually go away after a few weeks. Losses that last for months may rarely be encountered, but they will eventually recover.

Hair loss can also be rare. However, the hair will definitely come back.

Brow lift frequently asked questions

How will I look after the eyebrow lift operation?

What kind of results will be obtained when applying a technique is entirely up to the doctor. The  important thing is not to raise the eyebrows, but to give them a straight and attractive shape which will meet the needs and requirements of the patient.

Is this surgery done alone?

Yes, it is done frequently. Some people have drooping eyebrows even at a very young age. It is usually performed together with temple lift surgery over the age of 35. Some facial rejuvenation can be achieved in temple lift surgery.

How many years will these surgeries take effect?

Eyebrow shape given with the endoscopic technique becomes permanent. However, as the whole forehead will sag over the years, the eyebrows will go down a little.

Brow Lift Tips & Tricks
  • If you do not want to undergo surgery, you can shape your eyebrows only with botox. Generally, the effect will begin to decrease after 3 months and will disappear completely in the sixth month.
  • If you are 35 years old, it might be recommended temple lift surgery, which is one of the above eyebrow lift surgery. This will also open up your crow’s feet and shape your midface.
  • If you are over the age of 50, it might be recommended classical facelift and endoscopic mid-face surgeries. Eyebrow hanging methods to be done alone will not work very well.
  • If you want a temporary result with the smallest method, the eyebrow lift technique may be suitable for you. Sometimes eyebrows hang with this technique keep their shape for up to a year.
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