Neck Lift

    Average length of stay
5 Days
    Length of stay in hospital
1 Day
    Operation Duration
2-5 Hours
General Anesthesia
    Recovery duration
5-7 Days
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What is Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift is a surgical solution to the sagging skin in old age or weight gain and loss, just like face lift. Apart from these, the neck skin may also be covered with only the jelly oiling. It is a solution to the loosening of the under-chin and subsequent skin, which can be easily seen in middle-aged people. Face and neck sagging procedures are an aesthetic problem that is frequently seen in men or women.

How long does the affect of Neck Lifting last?

Neck lifting operations’ affects may last at least 10 years and sometimes permanent during lifetime depend on the skin type of patient.

Can Neck Lift operations is done alone?

Neck lift surgery is generally done after facelift surgery. With facelift operation the face is concentrated in the lower part of the face then a neck lift surgery is scheduled.

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