Dental Crown

What is Dental Crown?

Dental crown, is a kind of cap covering the tooth, imitating its original shape. A crown is the best way to restore the damaged teeth. Also with a crown we can change the color, form and the shape of the teeth in better way.

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What are the Advantages of Dental Crown?
If the teeth are broken or have cavities teeth become weaker. With a crown encircling the teeth keep the teeth stiff and strong. The crown makes the teeth durable against chewing forces. Sometimes the old filling and root-canal filling materials colors the teeth very dark. Patients always want whiter teeth. Crowns change the color of the teeth permanently. If the teeth are not in the correct position, like one tooth may leap forward or there can be gaps between teeth, crowns maintain us straighten the smile.
How is Dental Crown Treatment Applied?

The teeth are prepared and drilled according to the type of the material of the crown that is going to be used. Then with a digital or traditional impression we create a model of the patient’s mouth. The model is transferred to dental lab and the dental technician construct the crown. After trying the crown in the mouth we did adjustments if needed and put the crown on teeth permanently.

What are the Techniques for Dental Crown?

There are different types of Dental Crowns. Each type has special advantages.


PFM crowns are composing of 2 parts: A grey color nickel alloy metal core and the porcelain part over it. PFM Crowns are very durable but they are suitable for front teeth esthetically. As the gum recede by years a grey/black line appear at the gum border. PFM Crowns can be used over implants at the back teeth.


PFZ Crowns are consist of a white zirconium core covered with porcelain simulating natural tooth form. Zirconium is as strong as diamond. In contrast to metal ones PFZ crowns are all white. There is no grey color inside. That means you can have very strong restorations and while you can eat everything you want, you can have beautiful smile as well.


Max dental crowns are made of a special material via lithium desilicated ceramic. E. Max Crowns have a high translucency imitating natural teeth. It is the material closest to natural teeth texture. You can have the best esthetic result with E.max Crowns. They look as good as natural teeth and can not be distinguished from your own teeth.

Especially for the patients with metal allergy E. Max Crowns are the healthiest solution because they do not contain metal.

Why is Dental Crown needed?

Dental Crown is the most durable way to strengthen the damaged teeth.

Additional needs for Crowns are:

  • To protect teeth from breaking,
  • To repair a broken tooth,
  • To avoid breaking of a tooth with large material loss which have large fillings or root-canal treatments
  • To act as a pillar for dental bridges
  • To replace the missing teeth over a dental implant
  • To make esthetic corrections
  • To fix the bite if the teeth are not matching the others for chewing
Who are the right candidates for Dental Crown?

Patients with esthetic needs are the most common candidates for dental crowns. Also the patients with numerous fillings and large cavities should consider dental crowns.
Patients with open bite possibly need dental crowns too. With the crowns the gaps between the teeth can be closed and the bite will be fixed.

What to do before Dental Crown Treatment?

At the beginning the teeth will examined visually and with x-rays. The bone and the gum around the teeth should be healthy or treated before the crowns.

What happens during Dental Crown Treatment?

With local anesthesia your doctor will shape the tooth, after the impression, a temporary crown will be placed on the teeth. Then the dental labs produce the porcelain crowns.

What to do after Dental Crown Treatment?

As every dental applications crowns need professional check-up regularly. You must care brush and floss like your natural teeth. Also if your doctor gives you mouth-guard you should use it as described to you.

How Long Dental Crown Last?

The dental crowns lasts 5 to 7 years or more depending on oral care. Exceptions can be seen if the patient have special conditions like severe gum disease or teeth grinding or clenching.

Will the Crown Make You Feel Different?

The Dental Crowns are designed as same as your natural teeth. At the beginning, the new form of your mouth may make you feel different but within a short time you will get used to it.

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